New Pro Polish Pad from Shurhold


Palm City, Florida — June 9, 2014 — According to Shurhold Industries, although surface scratches and oxidation can be removed with Shurhold Industries’ Dual Action Polisher, the best way to get a showroom shine is to use the polisher with Shurhold’s Pro Polish Pad and Brite Bonnet. The company says that together, they remove oxidation and surface scratches, while delivering a shiny surface.

With pads specialized for specific applications, the Pro Polish Pad is a black foam polishing and waxing pad. Measuring 6-1/2-inch in diameter, its unique dimpled pattern helps the pad stay cool and work more efficiently. Designed to leave behind a smooth finish, the company says it’s ideal for finessing and works best when used with Shurhold’s Pro Polish. This pad should be washed after each use with soap and lukewarm water.
The Brite Bonnet is a shaggy microfiber pad used to remove excess wax and buff the surface to a final shine. This unique pad is designed with a vapor barrier inside so it may be fitted over a wet wax pad for quick use. Users just stretch the pad and fit it over Shurhold’s Pro Polish Pad.  For cleaning, it can be hand washed and air dried.
For more information, please visit shurhold.com/auto

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