New premium products deliver OE quality, USC says.

USC introduces new premium products.  

Massillon, Ohio — July 14, 2014 — U.S. Chemical & Plastics (USC) has expanded its popular SprayMax aerosol offering with the addition of six new premium products, three 1K Acrylic Primer Fillers, one 2K Wash Primer, one 2K Hot Rod Satin Black and one 2K Rapid Clear Coat. These precision products deliver OE quality finishes to small damage repairs.

The 1K SprayMax Acrylic Primers Fillers are designed to dry quickly and offer excellent sanding properties. There are three options for colours: light gray, dark gray and medium gray and can be topcoated with solvent/waterborne basecoats and single stage topcoats.

The 2K SprayMax Wash Primer offers fast dry times with excellent adhesion and corrosion protection.

The 2K SprayMax Hot Rod Satin Black can be used for small damage repair jobs on existing semi-gloss hot rod black parts and surfaces for an easy and fast paint job or a new or restored part. The product is ideal for high chemical and weather resistance.

The 2K SprayMax Rapid Clear Coat provides speedy dry times, excellent durability and a great final finish. This product is best suited for spot repairs and can be used at lower temperatures and is easy to polish.

SprayMax is a complete professional 1K and 2K Aerosol System with advantage for small damage repairs and with a performance in quality and guarantee comparable to the OEM coating.

“Small dent repair is a rapid growing segment of the market and SprayMax aerosols offered by USC have a complete start to finish system to do the job with professional results. These new products help to enhance a fantastic program, try if for yourself!” says Matt LaGuardia, Director of Business Development.


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