LORD launches new one-component, direct-to-metal sealer/adhesive

The Fusor 800DTM and 803DTM are now available from the LORD Corporation.  

Cary, North Carolina — December 9, 2013 — LORD Corporation, maker of Fusor Automotive Repair Adhesives, has announced the availability of a new one-component, direct-to-metal sealer/adhesive.

Developed for OEM professionals, LORD Fusor 800DTM/803DTM is a one-component, direct-to-metal sealer/adhesive. The new product duplicates a factory appearance on standing seams, cosmetic seams, truck bed seams, tooled door skin seams, floor pan seams, core support seams, brushed seams and other applications in which a non-sag cosmetic seam sealer is required, while eliminating the need for a substrate primer.

“LORD Fusor 800DTM/803DTM is a new product with technology that doesn’t currently exist in the marketplace,” says Julie Miler, global marketing manager. “This new technology allows one-component seam sealers to be applied directly to bare metal without the need for substrate primer. Additionally, it can be painted immediately and welded through. Typical one-component urethane technology solutions require solvent to flash prior to applying paint and typically can’t be welded through. With LORD Fusor 800DTM/803DTM, this process isn’t necessary.”

Capable of reducing touch and cycle times, Fusor 800DTM/803DTM skins in 25 minutes or less and duplicates all types of OEM seams, while holding brush marks without die back. Producing 500 percent elongation, this easy-to-dispense product welds through with no burn back. It is UV resistant and performs at temperatures from -103°F (-75°C) to 350°F (177°C). The product is available in two colors: Neutral – Fusor 800DTM Sealer/Adhesive and Black – Fusor 803DTM Sealer/Adhesive.

Fusor 800DTM/803DTM will be available in the U.S. and Canada starting Jan.1, 2014.

For more information on the LORD Corporation, please visit LORD.com.


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