Mix, Snap and Go: Colad introduces the Snap Lid System, suitable for SMART repair

Toronto, Ontario — Colad has introduced a small version of its Snap Lid System, specially designed for small to medium area repair technology (SMART) repairs.

The Snap Lid System – SMART repair is available in two versions–130 micron and 190 micron. Each system consists of 50 Snap Lids, 50 mixing cups and 10 sealing caps.

The Snap Lid system is designed to enable quick and cost-effective repairs to areas with small cosmetic damages, allowing technicians to tackle damage in localized areas without needing to repaint the entire panel.

According to Colad, the Snap Lid system takes less time and effort than traditional solutions while cutting down on paint and materials costs. Further, it says its cups are made of durable plastic, saving on energy and plastic waste during the production process.

For more information, visit www.snaplid.com, contact your local Colad dealer or e-mail sales@emm.com.

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  1. To me it looks like there is no throw away liner for the cups. This means that either the cup needs to be washed taking extra time or the cup is throwaway resulting in extra waste.

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