Long-Term Plan: CARSTAR on track for 1,000 shops

Michael Macaluso

By Tom Davis

Hamilton, Ontario — October 11, 2017 — CARSTAR is currently on track to reach its five-year target of 1,000 shops across North America, according to President Michael Macaluso.

By the end of the year, the company, which currently operates 575 stores, will have added more than 100 new locations to its footprint of North American shops, with the aim that it will have more than 1,000 shops open by 2022.

The main driving force of the expansion will be across the US. CARSTAR is currently located in 37 US states, but Macaluso says there is “white space” for more opportunities throughout the country.

“CARSTAR is currently operating in 37 states across the US, so there is a lot of opportunity for growth throughout the country. By 2019 we expect to have over 700 locations across North America and we are looking to accelerate that growth even further,” Macaluso said in a recent interview with Collision Repair magazine.

Macaluso points out that despite a focus on US growth, there are still plenty of opportunities throughout Canada. The company is targeting locations such as Regina, Fort McMurray and certain areas across British Columbia to drive growth throughout Canada.  

While the Ontario-based company is still looking for new partners to come on board and open new shops, CARSTAR is particularly focused on working with existing partners and franchisees to open multiple locations. In fact, 75 percent of growth throughout Canada comes from the company’s existing franchisees taking on new locations.

Despite the fairly aggressive expansion drive, Macaluso comments the target is not “growth at all costs.”

“Our five-year plan to open 1,000 new locations across North America is aggressive but it’s not growth at all costs. We are looking for the right partners, in the right locations and at the right time,” he said.

In terms of shorter goals, CARSTAR aims to have 700 locations open across North America by 2019.

The CARSTAR North America conference, which took place earlier this year in Charlotte, was the company’s first conference to combine both Canada and the US. It recognized the anniversaries and accomplishments of some of its longest-tenured storeowners across both countries.

More information about the company, which was acquired by Driven Brands in 2015, can be found at carstar.ca.

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