Light Up Your Life: BETAG Innovation’s MotionLED Lighting System

London, United Kingdom — BETAG has announced its latest new product offering, the MotionLED Lighting System.

BETAG’s MotionLED system is a mobile, cordless task lighting solution, designed for use by estimators, repair planners and technicians. The rechargeable batteries built into the housing of the light itself produce nine hours of work time from each three-hour charging cycle.

Using the optional extension arm, estimators and repair planners can use the MotionLED to identify and mark all the damage on a panel—and produce high-quality images of the damage to submit to the customer or insurer.

Each of the lighting strips in the MotionLED is individually controllable, enabling technicians to adjust the brightness and warmth of the light as needed – to deliver high-quality work, quickly and efficiently.

For more information on BETAG’s MotionLED Lighting System, click here.


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  1. Finally the industry is beginning to understand the importance of the use of PDR lights for estimating.

    I use my PDR training all the time for estimating and repairs. A very well adopted skill that more estimators should be exposed to is reading the light reflection.

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