It might soon pay to own a Hyundai

Australian Hyundai owners will soon be able to rent out their vehicles
By CRM Staff 
Toronto, Ontario – July 6, 2018 — Australian Hyundai owners will soon have the option to rent out their vehicles.  
The automaker has joined forces with Car Next Door, a car sharing company that allows vetted users to rent from a selection of nearby vehicles. Hyundai is currently in the works of developing a technology to integrate with Car Next Door.
Renters would be able to access vehicles by simply using their Smartphone, thanks to a built-in functionality system. Hyundai estimates that mid-size vehicles could earn up to $3000 annually, while those with vans could expect to double that number.
“By the end of 2019, Australians will be able to buy a Hyundai car with the built-in ability to seamlessly and easily rent it out and earn extra money,” said Scott Grant, Hyundai Australia chief operating officer. “This capability will be pre-installed and integrated into a new version of Hyundai’s Auto Link unit, making it a simple matter to earn extra funds via Car Next Door’s innovative car sharing platform.”
Hyundai see’s the project as a tremendous opportunity to cut costs for both users and car owners.
 “Fuel prices, economic pressures and rapid changes in vehicle technology are all supporting the development of connected cars and the sharing economy”, said Davis. “So you can have a car when you need one, but when you’re not using it, the vehicle is out there making you money.”


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