Hot and Dangerous: Windows shatter amid Vancouver Island heat wave

Victoria, B.C. — The heat wave that swept through Canada’s West Coast not only shattered temperature records, but also the windows of cars and homes. 

According to CTV News Vancouver Island, Thomas McKenna, a Comox Valley resident said amid the Vancouver Island heatwave a window in his vehicle was splintered. 

He had parked his car at home on Friday, when the heatwave first took force and he hadn’t checked on it until Sunday night. 

He then noticed that the passenger side window was severely cracked.

McKenna said there were no signs that someone broke the window. Adding that based on the temperature inside the vehicle, heat was likely the culprit. 

“It’s crazy, you wouldn’t expect that to happen,” McKenna told CTV News.

Other Vancouver Island home owners also reported damage caused by the heatwave. 

Korreen Magee said that a section of her glass door shattered from the high temperatures. 

Another resident, said his blinds had melted from the intense heat.


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