Grote Canada wins 2018 NAPA Supplier Excellence Award

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – March 26, 2019 – Grote Canada, a supplier of aftermarket lighting accessories and innovative visibility solutions was awarded the 2018 NAPA Supplier Excellence Award from UAP.

The company was identified in each of NAPA’s regions across the country for meeting all of NAPA’s strict measurements and expectations and was unanimously selected for the Supplier Excellence Award.

“Grote earned this prestigious recognition by meeting consistently high levels of service and performance in support of a record-setting sales growth year,” said vice president of product development at NAPA Canada Tom Hunt.

Besides this award, the company is also a part of the Club 95 Award for the year. This award is given to NAPA Canada suppliers that deliver a 95 percent or higher filler rate.

“Since Club 95 was first introduced 21 years ago, only one supplier has hit 20 or more awards and that is Grote Canada,” added Tom Hunt.

“We are honoured to be not only recognized for the Supplier Excellence Award, but also for the importance of our partnership that goes back 35 years,” said general manager of Grote Canada Brad Morris. “The entire Grote team is extremely proud to work with NAPA Auto Parts and to be a supplier of choice.”

Founded in 1901, Grote’s products are used on all modes of both on and off-highway vehicles and equipment. The company has global locations in Canada, the US, Mexico, Germany, and China.

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