Goodbye, Gas: Canadian government banning all new gas-powered car sales by 2035

Ottawa, Ontario The Canadian federal government has announced it will ban sales of all new gas-powered cars by 2035.

How Canada will plan to reach this ambitious goal is not currently disclosed at this time, but Transport Minister Omar Alghabra says the Federal government will do whatever it takes to pave the way for zero emissions to be the future of the automotive industry.

“Let me just say, our target is ambitious, undoubtedly, but it is a must,” Alghabra said. “We believe that it’s doable. It needs determination, it needs focus, it needs effort.”

Originally, the government had decided to make the deadline 2040 to eliminate combustion engine sales, but since they have moved it up five years, Alghabra says they are planning on expanding ZEV incentives so more people jump onboard faster.

As of right now, there is a $5,000 federal incentive for drivers who purchase an EV with a base trim starting below $45,000. 

David Adams, the Global Automakers of Canada’s president, said that although they agree with the goal they don’t feel like they have been given enough information on how to get there.

“We share the government’s ultimate objective of carbon elimination but find today’s announcement lacking in the details that will be required for Canada to successfully make the transition to 100 percent ZEV sales by 2035,” said Adams.

The goal is a lofty one, but Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson says that moving to ZEVs is important, and to accomplish the ambitious milestone by 2035 Canada will be working with the United States on fuel efficiency and discuss new regulatory measures with stakeholders. 

“We are not alone in committing to 2035. This is absolutely where the world is going. This is where the world needs to go,” Wilkinson said. “We must reduce our emissions.”


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