GFS expands paint booth, accessories line ahead of SEMA

New souynd system brings your favourite music directly into the spray booth.  

Osseo, Wisconsin — October 31, 2013–Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) has announced that its line of paint booths and accessories have been expanded ahead of SEMA 2013.

Now available from GFS are:

  • Paint Booth Sound System – Fill your paint booth with rich sound from your mobile device using Bluetooth, or connect it directly to the receiver for compatibility with devices without wireless connectivity. Built-in charging ports keep your device powered up, while professional grade audio equipment is housed in a steel casing for protection. The company says custom-made speaker enclosures have been engineered for the harsh paint booth environment.
  • Paint Booth Parts Hanger – This flexible parts hanging system enables you to maximize the productivity of your paint booth. GFS says the hanger was designed to ensure parts stay put, while the adjustable racks make positioning parts for spraying a snap.
  • Paint Booth Tool Cabinet – The cabinet has been designed to create additional storage capacity for the company’s paint booths and to keep tools and supplies clean and free of overspray. The cabinet is integrated into the rear wall of the paint booth for a custom fit, without losing valuable working space inside your booth.
  • Paint Booth Access Turntable – GFS says access to your pre-mixed paint or other supplies from inside the paint booth has been improved through the installation of a rotating turntable in the wall that connects the paint booth to the mixing room. The company says paint and supplies will remain out of the way until you need them; while a technician could be mixing paint or preparing supplies at the same time another technician could be spraying. GFS believes this will increase productivity and keep your booth free of clutter and debris.
  • Light Enhancing Reflector -  GFS says its unique reflector will illuminate the booth and focus more light where it’s needed to improve efficiency. The company adds that its light reflectors can easily be installed behind the light tubes, increasing the luminosity of fixtures by 20 percent.

For more information on GFS and its line of products, please visit globalfinishing.com


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