Frozen Tows: Alberta tow driver’s tips for waiting out winter collisions

Lacombe, Alberta – A scary situation at the shoulder of a highway in Alberta has prompted Dave Kidd from Assured Towing to remind driver’s to stay inside their vehicles, should they break down far from home in the winter.

“I was between Lacombe and Bentley on the Highway. There was a vehicle broken down and then about another mile down the road, there was this fellow. He wasn’t dressed for the weather and with the wind howling like that, when I got to him, one side of his face was completely frost bitten. I just took him and drove him directly into the Lacombe hospital,” said Kidd.

He says that the best thing you can do in the event of a winter accident is to sit and wait, as trying to fix the problem yourself can often make the situation worse.

“If they hit the ditch they get out, they try and dig themselves out. When it’s this cold, frostbite can come pretty quick. You don’t realize it, especially when you’re out there trying to shovel yourself out of the ditch,” explained Kidd.

“Especially with these high winds, stay in your car. Carry a candle with you and call someone for help like a tow truck or anyone. Also, try to get inside your cab where it’s warm. If you’ve been out there for any length of time, they’ll help you out with your vehicle too.”

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