Friends and Foamly: CARSTAR Newmarket raises more than $1,000 at cystic fibrosis charity car wash

Newmarket, Ontario — Raising money for charity can be arduous work that is taxing on the body and spirit, but CARSTAR Newmarket makes it look like a walk in the park, as the shop raised well over $1,000 at its charity car wash for cystic fibrosis research this past Saturday.

A true family affair, operations manager Romena Deokinandan and her entire family were on hand for the day to provide car washes to their community, in exchange for small donations toward Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Showing the admirable generosity of her community, Deokinandan said that where people were being asked for a mere $5 for a car wash, several locals offered larger donations of up to $100.

Demand for the car wash, and its accompanying barbecue, led to the event blowing well past its projected end time of 1 p.m., with Deokinandan remarking that they still had a lineup of cars waiting to be washed as the clock was approaching 3 p.m.

The Central York Fire Department even sent a truck down to the shop to offer some extra firepower for the staff at CARSTAR Newmarket.

Wanting to ensure that no one left Saturday empty-handed, Deokinandan and her team were giving out CARSTAR swag all afternoon, including pieces of her own limited edition CARSTAR plushie collection, as well as gift bags of chocolate to all of the guests, courtesy of the company.


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