Freedom to Charge: Volvo to exclusively sell EVs online by 2030

Toronto, Ontario — According to an announcement from Volvo Cars on Tuesday, the Swedish automaker intends to make the ICE a thing frozen in time, as the company plans to convert entirely to online EV sales by 2030.

In a move that the company is saying will “transform the current wholesale market”, Volvo plans to launch a brand new line of EVs to be available only online in time to make them an exclusively online EV manufacturer by the year 2030.

“The future of Volvo Cars is defined by three pillars: electric, online and growth,” said Lex Kerssemakers, head of global commercial operations. 

“We want to offer our customers peace of mind and a care-free way of having a Volvo, by taking away complexity while getting and driving the car. Simplification and convenience are key to everything we do.”

Volvo says that they are aiming to lead the premium EV market and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in their transition to a fully-web-based purchasing platform.

“Online and off-line need to be fully and seamlessly integrated,” said Kerssemakers. 

“Wherever the customer is in their journey—online, in a showroom, in a Volvo Studio, or driving the car—the customer experience needs to be top-notch.”


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