EV/AV Report: Electric vehicles photosynthesize; while Waymo robo-taxis avoid the law

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s EV/AV Report, solar product company GoSun launches an EV solar charger that travels with you, while Waymo lands itself on the curb following a recent police stop.

Solar synthesis

Solar product company GoSun is now taking pre-orders for an EV solar charger that travels with the vehicle.

The product—installed on the vehicle’s roof rack like a blanket—reportedly delivers 1,200 watts of solar power and weighs 70 pounds. The device plugs into the vehicle’s own charge port and comes with a lock to deter theft.

According to GoSun, two people can install the charger in 20 minutes. The company further notes that at its height, the charger can provide EVs with an extra 48 kilometers of mileage a day, but with an average performance of 16 to 32 kilometres depending on weather conditions.

The product can be pre-ordered from GoSun’s website for a $100 deposit. The total cost of the solar blanket comes in at $3,000.

Police predicaments

A Waymo robotaxi was recently pulled over by police on June 19 in Phoenix, Arizona after attempting to drive into oncoming traffic.

When police pulled over the vehicle in question, they discovered that the Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle was driverless.

The autonomous vehicle’s traffic violation alleges the car saw “inconsistent construction signage” on the road, which prompted it to counterflow. The robotaxi was then unable to get back to the right lane and this is when police pulled it over.

The police officer ultimately let the vehicle go as they were “unable to issue a citation to a computer.”


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