Eco-Absorbent Technologies releases Eco-Absorb

Eco-Absorb, a new commercial absorbent promises to simplify spill clean up safely and quickly so work can resume with no hazardous dust, slick residue, or back breaking lifting of heavy bagged absorbents.

Toronto, Ontario — July 24, 2017 — Eco-Absorbent Technologies has released a new product, Eco-Absorb, which aims to simplify clean up. Spills often create fall hazards and interrupt work flow until it is cleaned up.

Cleaning up such messes traditionally involves using clay type absorbents or a mop and bucket, but the traditional methods have disadvantages. 

“Absorbents like clay can become sticky when used to clean up spills or leaks on the shop floor,” says Anthony Eid, owner of Perris Auto Repair, a repair shop in Perris, California. “Mopping can make a mess if you push spilled oil and clay absorbents around. It is not effective and people can slip, fall, and get hurt until any spill is fully cleaned up and the floor is dry.”

Eco-Absorbent Technologies has developed Eco-Absorb, a new commercial absorbent. Commonly used cleaning absorbents such as clay or diatomaceous earth are extremely dusty in their natural form, and can be hazardous when inhaled. While water can be added to reduce dust, as soon as the water evaporates they return to their very dusty original state.

“Products like clay can dust up unless you wet them down, and they get dusty when they dry out,” says Eid. “We want to avoid any dangerous dust in our enclosed, indoor shop environment.”

Many such absorbents, like clay and diatomaceous earth, contain crystalline silica, which is listed by the World Health Organization as a Group 1 carcinogen, the same category as asbestos. If inhaled, crystalline silica can also cause silicosis, a debilitating and sometimes fatal lung disease. 

According to the company, Eco-Absorb  is permanently “dustless” without adding water. Because of this, it can be used safely without worry of inhalation, and will remain dust-free even when exposed to the open air indefinitely.

“We found that the eco absorbent soaks up spills several times faster than clay, and does a better job of clean up in much smaller quantities,” says Eid.

Eco-Absorb can be applied dry to contain and clean up oil or other spill and leave no residue. When placed around a spill, the absorbent acts like a sponge. It quickly absorbs the spill material and binds to it. This makes it easy to sweep up the substance along with the absorbent into a dustpan, to dispose of in a proper solid waste receptacle. The company says Eco-Absorb weighs one-third less than traditional clay products but absorbs up to 15 times more.

For more information, please visit eco-absorb.com.



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