Chief unlocks efficiencies with LaserLock

Chief is offering a new package aimed to direct customers to the company’s pros to resolve questions quickly.  

Madison, Indiana — July 2, 2014 — Learning how to use new collision repair equipment can take time. In order to smooth the process and keep collision shops running as efficiently as possible, Chief Automotive Technologies is providing its $399 E-Access technical support package to buyers of its new LaserLock Live Mapping system at no charge.

The limited-time offer, available from approved distribution partners, gives LaserLock users direct access to Chief technical support professionals who can quickly help resolve any issues.

E-Access allows Chief’s tech support staff to remotely view a measuring system’s display. They can then provide guidance or take control of the measuring system to fix an issue. Once installed, there are no limits, subscriptions or additional charges for E-Access, and it can be used for the life of the measuring system.

“Since the support staff sees what the operator sees, E-Access saves everyone’s time and eliminates frustrations,” says Lee Daugherty, global data product manager for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “We have found that issues are resolved using E-Access in half the time it takes to work things out over the phone. Since E-Access use is unlimited, Chief’s support staff can be called upon anytime you have questions about measuring, or concerns with your measuring results or with the measuring equipment itself. The versatile service takes all the worry out of upgrading your measuring system.”

LaserLock is the next evolution in computerized collision repair measuring. Its laser scanner features out-of-level measuring capabilities, so in addition to monitoring a repair, it can be used with a simple two-post lift for blueprinting repair plans. This keeps the frame rack free for pulling, which improves productivity and cycle times.

In addition to the laser scanner, LaserLock includes a computer, dual flat screen monitors, 45 targets with a wide range of attachments, a color printer and exclusive Chief software. An aluminum collet kit is available as an option for use with vehicles manufactured with aluminum, carbon fibre or other non-ferrous materials, including the 2015 Ford F-150 pick-up.

The LaserLock scanner can measure more reference points than any other system on both full-frame and unibody vehicles. Its real-time measuring capabilities enable technicians to monitor dimensional changes as they occur during pulling, so there is no need to recalibrate after every pull. LaserLock can map the entire vehicle at once, making it possible to repair vehicles with front and rear damage or diamond and twist damage.

To learn more about E-Access, contact your local Chief distributor, visit ChiefAutomotive.com or call 1-800-445-9262.


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