Chief launches Structural Holding Package video series

Chief launches Structural Holding Package video series

Madison, Indiana — September 16, 2015 — Chief has created an instructional web series highlighting some of the ways the company’s Structural Holding Package can secure a collision-damaged vehicle to a frame rack for repair.

Hosted by Chief’s OEM and Strategic Account Sales Manager, Richard Perry, the four-part series walks through all the steps needed to properly hold a vehicle for sectioning or pulling using a number of the package’s over 50 components.

“No matter if you are sectioning or pulling, it is imperative that the vehicle is securely held during the repair,” says Perry. “Supplemental holding points on the frame rack keep the vehicle from moving out of place, and also facilitate the multipoint pulls that may be required to return a vehicle to OEM specifications. Chief’s Structural Holding Package is effective with body-on-frame and unibody vehicles, and our new video series shows how to create holding points for each type.”

Each holding point created using Structural Holding Package components is anchored by a base. The package’s standard base fits into a frame rack’s rectangular deck holes. Chief’s USH Clamp System is available for non-standard decks. From the base, techs can use an assortment of short and long tubes, turnbuckles, locking wing nut assemblies, mounting plates, clamps and bolts to build a secure connection up to the vehicle.

In under three minutes, each segment demonstrates how to create a holding point using a vice clamp for frame-based trucks, in addition to how to create a large horizontal fixture, tall vertical fixture and short vertical fixture for unibody vehicles. The unibody holding points utilize surface plate attachments to connect to the vehicle’s suspension mounting points or upper rails.

To watch the video series, or learn more about the Structural Holding Package, please visit chiefautomotive.com/Fixture-Holding/Structural-Holding.


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