Fee Freeze: ICBC approved for two-year rate freeze, utilities commission review to follow

Vancouver, British Columbia — Ask and you shall receive—if you happen to be ICBC, that is—as British Columbia’s crown insurer has been approved for a two-year freeze in auto insurance rates, amid rising inflation among drivers. The British Columbia Utilities Corporation (BCUC) confirmed last Tuesday that ICBC and its basic policyholders will see their insurance […]

Hall of Shame: MPI releases ‘Top 5 Frauds’ list for 2022

Winnipeg, Manitoba — The holiday season is over, and with that we as humans may resume the regularly scheduled fear and suspicion we love to direct toward one another, spurred on in part by things like the MPI “Top 5 Frauds” list of 2022, released just last week. Whether you like to shake your head […]

Cash for the Furnace: Insurance bureau says ICBC on track to lose $298 million this year

Vancouver, British Columbia — The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) reported Friday that British Columbia’s crown insurance company is on track to record a financial loss of $298 million for this year. Vice president of IBC’s western and Pacific regions, Aaron Sutherland, called this update from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) “incredibly disappointing” […]

Manitoba Falling: MPI proposes insurance rate decreases for fourth year in a row

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Manitoba Drivers may see a 0.9 percent decrease in their insurance rates, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)  announced on Monday. While most drivers can expect this decrease in their rates, it does not apply to all vehicle classes. Rates may increase, or decrease further dependent on the type of vehicle. Vehicles that will […]

All Hail SGI : Saskatoon Hailstorm causes weekend damage, hundreds of claims filed

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — Things can change at a moment’s notice. Evening plans can turn into overnight escapades. A drive on a whim can turn into a journey for a day. And a beautiful summer day can descend into danger and destruction. That’s exactly what happened last Saturday as a summer storm damaged many vehicles in […]

Just Like the Simulation: ICBC launches Street Sense interactive driving app

Victoria, British Columbia — ICBC has officially entered the interactive space with the launch of the government insurer’s new driving simulation and training tool, Street Sense, available now on Steam and mobile app stores. For its first foray into what arguably borders on the world of gaming, ICBC has unveiled an app that puts users […]

Regina Recovering: SGI receives more than 3,700 vehicle claims after Regina hailstorm

Regina, Saskatchewan — While the real costs are of course still being tallied up, SGI places the amount of vehicle damage claims they received in the days following Tuesday night’s hailstorm at more than 3,700. Reports of golf ball-sized hail extend as far as Assiniboia, 130 kilometres southwest of the storm’s eye in Regina. “It’s […]

Claims Communication: Surveys finds Canadian millennials prefer texting with insurers

Toronto, Ontario — A new survey found Canadian millennials, people aged 25 to 45 prefer texting with their insurance providers for certain parts of the claims process and view texting as an asset in regards to selecting an insurance company.  The study conducted by Hi Marley, found that 56 percent of Millennials and 52 percent of […]