Canadian Automobile Dealers Association elects Tim Reuss as new CEO

Toronto, Ontario — July 30, 2019 – Former Mercedes-Benz Canada CEO Tim Ruess has been elected as head of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA).

Effective on Sept. 3, Ruess has an extensive background in the automotive industry and is excited to join a team that represents new car and truck dealers.

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity to contribute during an interesting time in the auto industry,” Reuss stated earlier this week. “There are quite a few things happening now in the automotive industry.” 

Before serving as CEO for Mercedes-Benz, Ruess worked in several other positions on the Mercedes-Benz team for more than 28 years as well as serving as an instructor for the Automotive Business School of Canada. He is a Stanford graduate. 

“I hope that I will be able to contribute a bit of knowledge to help navigate that future,” stated Ruess. “I don’t think there are yet any clear answers to a lot of the individual pieces, but there is a semblance of where things are going.”

While Ruess works on navigating the future of the automotive industry, former CEO John White is navigating how to smoothly transition Ruess into his new head position.

The pair have already been collaborating and White is hopeful for Ruess’s future.

“Tim Reuss is a true professional who possesses an abundance of international automotive experience,” stated White. “He is a visionary who had an excellent grasp of the challenges our industry is facing.”

 “The Canadian market is fortunate to be represented by such a great group of dealers. It has been truly enjoyable to work with them.”

For more information on CADA and their involvement in the automotive industry, visit

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