Calling for Action: AMA urges Alberta to improve roadside safety for tow truck drivers and other emergency crews

Calgary, Alberta — The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) has said the lack of action regarding roadside safety in Alberta is putting lives at risk. 

The AMA has been lobbying the provincial government for a long time to make changes regarding safety for emergency crews such as police officers, paramedics, firefighters and tow truck drivers. 

Alberta is the only province where the ‘slow down, move over’ law only applies to the immediate lane of travel. This means people are legally going 110 km/h, next to people going dramatically slower. 

The AMA is also calling for the province to allow tow trucks to have flashing blue lights in combination with amber as they do a better job of getting people’s attention creating safety.

Tow companies say that drivers don’t tend to slow down unless police are on scene, leaving many tow drivers at risk of being hit and killed.

The Alberta government has given no indication as to when, or if the province will make changes to the law. Instead, government officials are simply saying they will look into ways to improve safety.  

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