Achieve Breathable Air with Martech Services

Toronto, Ontario — According to Martech Services, a Quality Air Breathing System manufactured by the company ensures you are in compliance with the OSHA requirement for Grade “D” Breathable Air, says the company.

According to Ton Wright, the Director of Sales and Marketing the Quality Air Breathing System, when placed near the point of use it will work with the existing compressed air supply. The onboard carbon monoxide monitor continuously monitors the air quality for compliance with OSHA standard well the four-stage filtration filters the air.

Quality Air Breathing Systems are by design, the affordable solution to providing the breathable air required to protect painters, blasters, and welders” Wright said. “Complete systems designed to fit the user’s facilities and needs, including hoods, masks, and hoses are also available.”

The systems are designed for easy use and multiple users so workers can work safely in contaminated air spaces. The systems can support two or more people at the same time. Accessories are also available that can increase or decrease the temperature of the air supply for the user’s comfort. 

Each system is also backed by a one year warranty and is supported by a toll-free sales and service, telephone support staff, around the clock, 7 days a week. 

For more information call Martech Services Company at 800-831-1525


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