Aerosol Anxieties: WD-40 prepares to comply with new Canadian environmental standards

Ottawa, Ontario – WD-40 worries? Well, worry not. The company of the hugely popular penetrating oil spray has recently posted a statement saying that the product will not be disappearing from Canadian shelves come 2024 despite previous consumer concerns.

Recently, consumers took to the internet to voice concerns over the potential disappearance of commercial WD-40 products from Canadian shelves after Ottawa announced that it would be updating its commercial regulations concerning volatile organic compounds (VOC), of which, the aerosol spray is classified under.

One such concerned consumer, Mike, from Canmoor, said on outdoorsmenforum.ca., that consumers should “stock Up on WD-40, Ottawa banned it as of Jan. 1, 2024. I got an email from one of our suppliers, with a list of products that are to be banned that we have ordered in the last six months.”

In January 2022, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) published an updated version in the Canadian Gazette of the Volatile Organic Compound Concentration Limits for Certain Products, which will now limit “certain chemicals with boiling points low enough to allow them to exist as an atmospheric vapour at room temperature,” WD-40 has found an exception.

Given this change in regulation and the ensuing hysteria, the company recently posted a statement in response to consumer concerns highlighting that while the current product formula for WD-40 used in Canada will violate the 2024 environmental regulations, the current formula used in the United States does not.

Specifically, under Canada’s new regulations, any aerosol multi-purpose or penetrating non-solid lubricant will be limited to a maximum VOC concentration of 25 percent.

However, previous regulations limiting VOCs in certain U.S. states prompted many manufacturers to reformulate their products. WD-40 sold in the U.S. already complies with the new Canadian rules.

Aside from spray lubricants, the new regulations will also impact health and beauty products such as aerosol deodorant, hair spray and perfumes, household products including air fresheners, dusters, disinfectants and floor and carpet cleaners, and industrial chemicals like brake cleaners, paint removers, cleaners, lubricants and spray paints.

So spray away the anxiety! WD-40 assures Canadian customers that its products will continue to “remain on Canadian store shelves and continue to solve problems in workshops, factories, and homes.”


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