You Better Ketchup: Heinz Canada offers reward for Canadians stuck in traffic

North York, Ontario– Being stuck in traffic is no fun, but Heinz Canada and Burger King are hoping to make that experience a bit better for drivers.

Heinz Canada will reward drivers that are stuck going at the speed of ketchup with a free meal from Burger King. They often use the speed their ketchup pours as a testament to how thick the condiment is.

What exactly is the speed of ketchup? Heinz, using whatever radar device one would use to capture the speed of sweetened tomato condiment, has determined it pours at 0.045 km/h.

The Waze app records a vehicle’s speed, and once it is determined that traffic has slowed to the speed of ketchup, the app will begin to display ads. Select drivers will receive a coupon for a free combo of an Impossible Burger from Burger King, with Heinz ketchup.

“With more Canadians potentially on the road this summer…traffic is going to a pain point we all may need to get used to again,” said Daniel Gotlib, associate director of brand building and innovation for Kraft Heinz Canada. “We want to help our fans see that going slow isn’t always a bad thing.”

The campaign, created by Canadian marketing firm Rethink, will run until July 4, 2021.


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