Fries with That: Sydney, N.S. bodyshop buys Harvey’s next door 

Toronto, Ontario — After patiently waiting for 25 years, Steve Lewis of Steve Lewis Auto body has purchased the Harvey’s restaurant next door to his shop.

Steve Lewis Auto Body⁠—a collision repair facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia⁠—has been in operation for 45 years, with 34 of those years spent in a location on Beech Street. The property is located beside the former Harvey’s restaurant on the corner of Prince Street and Beech Street, which shuttered its doors on Dec. 15, 2019.

The deal to purchase the property was finalized at the end of December.  

“We’ve been trying to buy it for 25 years,” said facility owner Steve Lewis. “We made a phone call and it just went from there. We were happy about getting it, for sure.”

The family has expanded their own buildings a few times over the years⁠—the office areas were expanded about 15 years ago, while four years ago, another building was added to the service area.

As far as the newly purchased plot and building go, there are a number of possibilities the family is looking at. The building itself⁠—which boasts 2,500 sq. ft. (232.26 sq. m.) of floor space⁠—is in good condition, according to Lewis, yet the family is still unsure of how it will fit into the already-flourishing business.

“We’re not sure how it’s going to fit yet,” said Lewis. “It will be encompassed somehow. We’re just glad to have it. It’s another step for the business.”

One thing will change, however⁠—the employees will no longer be able to walk next door for a hamburger or a coffee.

“Some of the guys will miss that, for sure,” said Lewis.

Representatives for Harvey’s have said a new Sydney, N.S. location would be opening in the near future.

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