Where are the safest places to drive?

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — December 13, 2018 — Looking for a place to open a collision repair business? You might want to avoid Hanmer, Ontario. A 10-year study from Allstate has concluded that the Greater Sudbury community has the lowest frequency of collisions of anywhere in Canada.
With just 3.8 percent of vehicles are involved in collisions each year, Hanmer drivers are about 35 percent less likely to bend fender than the average Canadian driver. 
While Hanmer may not be a great place to start a new business, collision repairers shouldn’t write off the entire province. Allstate has found that North York has the highest collision frequency in Canada, at 7.1 percent.
The study also highlighted a number of other Canadian collision trends, including that Canadians are most likely to find themselves in accidents on Fridays, and least likely on Sundays. The study also found that December 23 is the most dangerous day to be on Canadian roads.

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