Vehicle communication hot topic at CES 2019

By CRM Staff 

Toronto, Ontario — January 8, 2019 –– Smart and self-driving vehicles will be a focus point at this year’s CES 2019 as the 5G Automotive Association heads to the showcase technology event.

Running from January 8-11 in Las Vegas, the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) will feature demonstrations of new Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) developments.

Audi, Ducati, Ford and Qualcomm will demonstrate C-V2X technology at the show, which has a history of introducing the world to breakthrough technologies.

Among the benefits of C-V2X is the ability for cars to ‘talk’ to one another – for example, to communicate their whereabouts as well as prevent blind-spot-related accidents.

The technology can also be used to allow cars to communicate with traffic signals, informing the driver when a light is about to change.

It is expected to be available as early as 2020, with 5GAA pushing for the introduction of the technology on safety grounds. The 5GAA, a worldwide cross-industry body with more than 100 members, is devoted to highlighting the future of interconnected vehicles.

Ericsson, a founding member of 5GAA, will also be demonstrating technology it hopes will be used to make self-driving cars a reality.

Meanwhile, fellow member Continental, will put its hybrid 5G platform – which allows for the rapid direct exchange of data and full connectivity between vehicles – on display.

Veniam and Bosch will also reveal their jointly developed technology for moving large amounts of data between vehicles while on the road. 


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