Tough Stuff: LINE-X team shows off specially-coated Toyota Tundra at Assured Automotive

The LINE-X team made a stop at Assured Automotive North Brampton to meet with staff from Collision Repair magazine. From left: Garry Sowerby, Odyssey International Limited; Bruce Conquy, LINE-X of Quebec, Dennis Weese, President, LINE-X; Teppy Wigington, Director of Marketing, LINE-X and Fred Tajik, Assured Automotive North Brampton.

By Alex Dugas

Brampton, Ontario — July 25, 2017 — Executives from LINE-X, while on a Canadian media tour, stopped by for a visit with staff from Collision Repair magazine. We learned in advance that LINE-X was going to be bringing along a very special vehicle, so we invited the LINE-X team to meet with us at Assured Automotive North in Brampton, Ontario. What better place to talk collision than at a collision shop? Shop Manager Fred Tajik and his team had a very rare and special opportunity to learn about LINE-X’s Tundra that is fully coated with the company’s special polyurea-based protective coating.

LINE-X specializes in bedliner coatings, but the company also offers a broad array of specialty automotive coatings and accessories, as well as products used in the commercial, industrial and manufacturing realms. The specialization in bedliners is largely due to the coating’s incredible toughness. LINE-X describes it as “virtually indestructible.”

The Tundra, which was initially revealed to the public by LINE-X during last year’s SEMA conference, quickly caught the attention of the staff at the shop. The product’s finished texture is rugged and similar to that of a matte finish vehicle.

The Tundra is also equipped with Truck Gear accessories, LINE-X’s own brand of accessories, such as an oval step bar, a crossover toolbox and a roof rack.

“LINE-X can be used to protect virtually anything,” said Dennis Weese, President of LINE-X, during a discussion with Collision Repair magazine. “Our mission is to prevent deterioration and promote longevity.”

The Assured Automotive associates took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the product.

“This product could be of interest for customers who like to customize their vehicles. The matte look may very well have found its match,” said Tajik.

LINE-X has been in business for approximately 25 years and is based out of Huntsville, Alabama. The company has over 500 franchises across North America, including 77 locations across Canada.

For more information, please visit linex.com.

LINEX Canada Media Tour 2017


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