Time to Act: Electric Mobility Canada releases 32-point EV Action Plan

Toronto, Ontario — U.S. President Joe Biden has been making those in the Canadian electrification business a little bit nervous with his recent “Build Back Better” plan, prompting Electric Mobility Canada to make its intentions clear with a 32-point plan for the Canadian EV industry.

Covering several facets of electrification policy, including light and heavy-duty fleet electrification, national EV infrastructure planning and manufacturing goals, Electric Mobility Canada has more than a few suggestions for how our country can harness the potential of the EV industry in a way that is both ethical and profitable.

A recent study from Deloitte showed that while enthusiasm for EVs as a concept is most definitely on the rise, pricing remains a barrier for entry for many Canadians who otherwise support an electrified future.

Electric Mobility recommends to government that “top-up” incentives be put in place to help low-modest income households convert to an EV, as well as offering low-interest loans to first-time EV buyers.

The EV Action Plan also calls on the federal government to work with provinces to support trades programs for EV-focused service technician training, as well as retraining for those already in the automotive industry.

Electric Mobility Canada’s full EV Action Plan can be found here.


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