Three top tips to attract talented tradespeople

Toronto, Ontario — September 18, 2019 — It’s not uncommon in the automotive industry to have an open job posting for months on end.

Some blame the lack of young people going into the trades, which certainly part of the issue, however, many repairers don’t consider what they can do to attract the eager tradespeople on a hunt for a job in the first place. 

Reporting on the industry for years and speaking with countless employers, business owners, and instructors, Collision Repair has gotten the gist of what it means to attract good, skilled, and passionate tradespeople. With a combination of performance incentivization, being clear and open about opportunities to move up in the facility and keeping an enjoyable atmosphere at work, repairers will feel a little less lost when it comes to enlisting a new team member on board. 


Performance Incentivisation

Telling a new employer that they’re doing well at their job is one thing. Rewarding them for it is another. 

Promising little perks for reaching milestones is a huge way to not only attract future repairers to an open position but to encourage them to keep working hard at what they’re doing.  

According to a study conducted by AttaCoin, 90% of employees who work in organizations with effective incentivization programs believe, and agree with the statement “my work makes a difference”.

If tradespeople are shown how perks like rewards can come with working, it will help them believe that their work is rewarding. 


Growth Opportunities

Growth opportunities are incredibly crucial for repairers applying for entry-level positions.

By showing potential candidates the steps others took to get on top, applying tradespeople will be able to not only feel motivated to work harder in the facility, but will also create room for them to assess their skill set and see how they can improve before moving up. Employer’s encouragement can help with this. 

“My experience has been that apprentices who receive the support needed to become loyal, reliable skilled technicians become them,” Ben Hart, an apprentice instructor at SAIT told Collision Repair. 


Creating a Positive Atmosphere

Believe it or not, a welcoming environment may be more important to a potential employee than you think.

Before a possible candidate even enters for an interview, repair facilities should assess what their work environment is like.

Are the other employees here happy? Is it in it’s safest condition? Would a woman or someone from a different minority group feel comfortable here? Am I proud of my shop?

If a repair facility doesn’t have a very good work atmosphere, tradespeople searching for a new job most likely already know. So before blaming “the system” for not producing enough eager repairers, ask yourself if a future employee would want to work at your shop. 


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