Thieves, Fires and Snakes, oh my! Aviva releases list of its strangest auto insurance claims in 2019

Toronto, Ontario — In a statement released earlier this week, property and casualty insurance group, Aviva Canada, shared some of their strangest auto claims that they tackled this year. 

From a coincidental truck rescue to a snake on the loose, here are some of their most weird and wild accidents that happened in 2019.

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The first strange event occurred earlier this year when a customer’s truck was stolen from a local hotel. While on the phone with Aviva Canada to report the incident, the owner of the truck saw his stolen vehicle whip by, and hopped in a friend’s car to chase after it. While he remained on the phone with Aviva, his friend called 911 and eventually got his vehicle back. “The police arrested the driver and we arranged to have the vehicle inspected,” stated Aviva. “The customer ultimately got his truck back, undamaged.”

 A second unfortunate incident that ended up with a happy ending occurred when a fire struck an Aviva customer’s collection of 36 antique cars. According to Aviva they, “paid out his claim,  which included the value of the 36 cars,” and the customer has already begun to rebuild his car collection. And when it comes to his burnt cars – the customer is keeping every single one of them to create a museum on his property.

The final bizarre account of an unfortunate insurance claim comes all the way from Mexico. When a vacationing customer rented a vehicle in the sunny country and got into a minor collision, he immediately stepped out of the vehicle to inspect the damage. While there were limited damages on the exterior of the vehicle, the customer still wanted to ensure the interior would run smoothly; therefore he lifted the hood. Wrapped around the engine was a large snake. Thankfully, Aviva paid off the body damages and the customer drove away snake free.

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