Theft Trends: MPI says catalytic converter thefts up 450 percent in the province

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Catalytic converter thefts are the hot new trend for seedy jerks and now Manitoba Public Insurance has the data to prove it, as the public insurer revealed the unnerving statistic that thefts of this kind are up 450 percent in the province.

According to MPI’s data, 400 vehicles had their catalytic converters stolen in 2020, a far cry from the 2,200 pilfered over the first 11 months of 2021, in Manitoba.

MPI spokesperson Brian Smiley offered little in the way of comfort for Manitobans who want to protect themselves from this sort of crime, saying there isn’t much to do other than park in a garage whenever possible.

“They’ll do it in your driveway, they’ll do it in parking lots, they’ll do it in broad daylight,” said Smiley.

“An experienced catalytic converter thief can do it within minutes and they can steal dozens within an hour.”

Catalytic converters have become a frequent target for thieves as of late as the part contains a number of precious metals that can be sold for decent profit, and as it stands, there are no devices that can be attached to catalytic converters to prevent their theft, according to Smiley.


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