The Long Road: Business longevity in Canada’s collision repair industry

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Peterborough, Ontario — April 18, 2017 — Collision Repair magazine is pleased to announce the return of our weekly surveys, dedicated to providing you with a snapshot of various aspects of the autobody business and the larger automotive claims economy. Watch for new surveys every Wednesday!

This week’s survey looks at business longevity across Canada. How long has your shop been in business? Are you the original founder, a relative or an entrepreneur? The business longevity survey will attempt to answer these and other questions. We’ll publish the results next Wednesday on collisionrepairmag.com, along with a link to the next survey in the series. You can participate in the business longevity survey at this link.

Filling out these surveys every week should only take a few minutes at most. There are never more than 10 questions and they’re almost always multiple choice. No login or registration is required and your answers will remain completely anonymous and confidential. We will only present the data after aggregation and analysis. The raw data will not be shared and your privacy is assured.

Over time, these surveys will help us build a more complete picture of the Canadian collision repair industry and the auto claims economy. We’ll share the results with you every week through our website and daily eZine.

Please click here to start the survey on business longevity and watch for the results next Wednesday!

Got an idea for a survey you’d like to see? Please contact Collision Repair magazine’s editor, Mike Davey, at editor@collisionrepairmag.com with the subject line “Survey.”


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