The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum is now accepting nominations for its Board of Directors

Toronto, Ontario — The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum is now accepting nominations for its Board of Directors.

“This is a great opportunity for those who want to be involved in setting the organization’s strategic direction and overseeing its work on behalf of Canada’s apprenticeship community,” says the forum. 

The Board is accepting nominations for the following positions:

  • Employer (one position) 
  • Jurisdiction (one position)
  • Labour (one position)
  • Educator (two positions)

To apply, one must:

  • be nominated by their member organization or another member in the same constituent group – Employer, Labour, Jurisdiction or Education 
  • have a current and direct relationship to a member organization that is in good standing at the Champion, Patron or Supporter level
  • maintain CAF-FCA membership throughout the term on the Board 

Nominations must be accompanied by the nominee’s written agreement to serve if elected (one paragraph on why you are running and what you would like to bring to the organization) and a brief (up to one-page) biography. Nominations received without this agreement, bio or completed form will not be accepted or reviewed. 

Nominations must be received no later than Friday, September 17, 2021 and the election will be conducted electronically in early October.

Please complete the form and email it along with other required documents to: france@caf-fca.org. 



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