The 2018 Canadian International Auto Show

The McLaren MP4-19 at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.
By Harland Goulbourne
Toronto, Ontario — February 19, 2018 — In an age where the Canadian International Autoshow (CIAS) continually steps up its game year after year, one may wonder how they could make it any better.
In 2017, CIAS had over $100 million dollars worth of exotics and new releases in the 625,000 square foot space. In 2018, they promised the bar would be raised again, and it was.
While it is difficult to describe the sheer amount of exhibits to see, it could not possible be done in a single day. 
For the skeptics who wonder what CIAS offers that could not be seen in any dealership, prepare for a surprised. CAIS offers the opportunity to open any door, and feel the exhileration of gripping a racecar’s steering wheel, hearing the satisfying click of the paddle shifters and smelling the newly minted leather with stitched accents. Even models like the 610hp N.A V10 Audi R8 and 650hp V8 Corvette Z06 are free to explore. Even for the models that are commonplace on the roads, visitors earn a newfound respect for them while getting to feel the differences in gearboxes between brands.
Top 5 must see at CIAS 2018
5.  2018 Corvette ZR1 
The newest model to come out of the Corvette stable packs 755 horsepower and 715 lb.-ft. of torque, with over 600 lb.-ft. of torque and available from 2200 rpm to redline. The ‘performance’ styling comes directly from the C7.R program, which competes in the IMSA Weather Tech Championship and at Le Mans. It displays an impressive aero kit that can produce up to 950lbs of downforce.    
4. Firebird III Concept Car
Styled to more of a cold war era U2 Spy-plane than a car from the late ‘50s, the Firebird III is highly advanced for its time. It combines jet age styling and capabilities that only in the last 20 years have become common place on the road. Self-leveling suspensions, rear-facing cameras, anti-lock braking systems, computer control of driver inputs, cruise control, powered luggage compartment platforms and titanium body panels were all incorporated into the Firebird III. This special piece of engineering doesn’t have an average power plant. It revs to 33,000 rpm with its GT-305 Whirlfire producing 225 hp and controlled via a joystick. 
3. Koenigsegg Agera RS
The latest jewel to come out of Christian von Koenigsegg’s powerhouse (literally). The $2.5 Million Agera RS comes with a generous 1,341 horsepower, and hit 277.9 mph on a closed road in Nevada, making it the fastest car on the market and in existence other than purpose built NHRA Top Fuel or Funny Cars which have to be rebuilt after each pass.
2. Mercedes-AMG Project One
A direct transfer of technology from their Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team who have won the Formula One Constructors and Drivers Championship for the last 4 years, the Mercedes-AMG Project One features a motor directly from the Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid. The engine produces 748 hp (558 kW; 758 PS), with torque still unknown. The engine will be combined with four electric motors (800 volts in total), with 120 kW electric motors at the crankshaft (Motor Generator Unit-Kinetic; MGU-K), 90 kW electric turbocharger (Motor Generator Unit-Heat; MGU-H), and two 120 kW electric motors at the front axle. It is a full carbon monacoque and bodywork, a weight figure hasn’t been released but it’s expected to be around 1300 kg which isn’t too bad when it has over 1000 horsepower combined with the hybrid drivetrain.  
 1. McLaren MP4-19
An absolute work of art with intricacies will make you fantasize about driving it right off the shop floor, it was made possible by McLaren Toronto and Pfaff Automotive Group. The McLaren MP4-19 contested the 2004 Formula 1 Season with Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard.  It was described as a “debugged version” of the ill-fated McLaren MP4-18, which was not a hugely successful car as the team suffered various problems concerning reliability at the beginning of the season, with eight retirements in five races. By mid-season a new car, the MP4-19B, was ready. This all-new car with a radically redesigned aerodynamic package, meaning the car on display is an actual race winner.
Featured Exhibitions:
Tuner Battlegrounds with PASMAG
50 Years of Hot Wheels
Art and the Automobile with Coble Beach
Auto Exotica
70 Years of Porsche
Evolution Zone

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