Taking Aim: ARC launches coronavirus relief fund

Gander, Newfoundland — The Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) have created a COVID-19 Relief Fund to support members during the coronavirus pandemic and recovery.
The impact of the virus has been felt at every level of society, and auto recyclers are no exception. While auto recyclers have been designated as essential business in most parts of Canada, the strain to try to remain operational, support employees, and provide a safe and secure alternative of auto parts for repairs, have all taken their toll on members.
Following the very generous donation of $5,000 from Car-Part.com, ARC also committed $5,000 to the fund, which in turn triggered another matching contribution from Car-Part.
“Car-Part really stepped up and showed their commitment to the industry. In addition to the donations, they are helping reduce costs for Members, and really increasing their online training for the sector,” noted ARC chair Wally Dingman.
“We are in discussions with other vendors and suppliers to also help out. Without a healthy auto recycling industry, these businesses will have a hard time with the recovery that will come. We are all in this together.”
ARC is working on the policies and procedures that will help guide the allocation of funds.
“This is an industry made up of hard-working, family-run businesses that have a history of successfully working together. The need out there is enormous, and this Relief Fund can’t solve all problems but it truly shows that #RecyclersCare,” said Steve Fletcher, managing director of ARC.
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