Can You Believe This?! January 14, 2022

Toronto, Ontario — This week, gas pumps lash out in support of dairy farmers, cyclists wage war on unsuspecting drivers, an Edmonton snow plow sends a driver to the ER and much more, all in Collision Repair’s weekly Can You Believe This?!

Can You Believe This?! October 22, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s Can You Believe This?! clip, bear witness to jacuzzi-bound transport trucks, forklift fiascos, tips on scooting around NYC traffic and much, much more!

Can You Believe This?!: August 6, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — This week, witness peculiar PT Cruisers, the brightest—and hottest—headlights ever made, a no-calibrations-required blind spot monitoring system and much, much more, courtesy of Collision Repair’s Can You Believe This?!