EV/AV Report: August 30, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s electric and autonomous vehicle report, Hyundai announced the “Hydrogen Wave” global forum, General Motors is shifting its EV focus toward the Ultium battery platform and Waymo is scaling back it’s third-party lidar sales. A Changing Tide Hyundai Motor Group is looking to make a splash in the alternative energy […]

Waymo autonomous cars under attack

By CRM staff Waymo’s autonomous vehicle testing in Chandler, Arizona, has faced a few bumps along the way–though most cannot be blamed on the vehicle programming team.  Since 2016, when Waymo –which is a subsidiary of Google — began its testing, the vehicles have been attacked and  sabotaged by a number of local residents. Both […]

AV Report – Waymo’s robo-taxis

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — December 7, 2018 — Autonomous vehicles are slowly making their way onto the roads. Although, many experts have speculated that we won’t be seeing these vehicles in the hands of consumers for another decade or so. But, that doesn’t mean to say that there hasn’t been any progress on speeding […]

The Autonomous Report: Researchers find two methods to hack LiDAR

Waymo is working with emergency services in Chandler, Arizona, to teach its software what to do when a fire truck, police car or ambulance comes up behind it or passes it on the road.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — July 2, 2017 — In this week’s Autonomous Report, we look into the potential for LiDAR hacking, how autonomous vehicles (AVs) are learning to deal with emergency vehicles, the role of rental car companies in Google’s grand plan, and much, much more! – A report from Deutsche Bank claims […]

The Autonomous Report: Court battle between Google and Uber heats up

The scene of a recent accident in Arizona involving an Uber self-driving vehicle (right). According to one eyewitness, who thought the Uber had a human driver, 'It was the (Uber) driver's fault for trying to beat the light and hitting the gas so hard.'

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — April 9, 2017 — In this week’s Autonomous Report, we look at how advanced technology may lead to driver complacency and more crashes, the latest update on the court battle between Google and Uber over allegedly stolen tech, how a race between nine autonomous vehicles (AVs) only saw four […]

The Autonomous Report: True self-driving cars still 10 years away?

An image from a digital map developed by Ford at the University of Michigan's Mcity self-driving testing site. Autonomous vehicles require much more precise maps than normal GPS navigation does.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — March 5, 2017 — This week in the Autonomous Report, we hear from a senior engineer at BMW who says full self-driving cars are at least 10 years away, take a look at the cost of generating highly precise maps, the ongoing troubles of Uber and much, much more! […]