Best of the Worst: Ont. government releases rejected vanity plate list for 2022

Toronto, Ontario — When it comes to government-sanctioned modes of self-expression, it’s hard to beat a vanity plate, and while you may think you have already seen the most ridiculous ones out on the road, the fact is that the true gems lie in the discard pile. Despite how it may seem from casual observance, […]

Winds of Progress: North Carolina woman fights to keep ‘FART’ license plate

Asheville, North Carolina — When you’re young, you dream about what cause you might end up dedicating your life to—fighting fires, rescuing animals, traveling to outer space—or the fight to keep a vanity license plate that says “FART.” Karly Sindy of Asheville, N.C. is proudly carrying the torch for toilet humour after the DMV told […]