Matrix and USC help turn junk into gold on new TV series

A still from the new series 'Carspotting.' The show focuses on restoring abandonded classics.

Cleveland, Ohio — August 29, 2017 — Sherwin-Williams has announced that Matrix Automotive Finishes and U.S. Chemicals & Plastics (USC) are now included in Discovery’s new series, Carspotting. A statement from the company says this will give viewers the chance to see how Matrix and USC repair and refinish products perform in some of the […]

New 6066 Nitrocell generates continuous flow of nitrogen

USC logo

Rainsville, Alabama — February 21, 2016 — Urethane Supply Company’s new 6066 Nitrocell nitrogen generator. The Nitrocell extracts nitrogen from the shop’s compressed air supply continuously, so running out of nitrogen should be a thing of the past. Using lightweight membrane technology, the Nitrocell makes a continuous flow of nitrogen of greater than 97 percent […]