Tuesday Ticker: Competition for EV trucks and another quarter in the bag for AutoCanada

Toronto, Ontario — The completion of Tesla’s first Cybertruck puts pressure on its competitors in the EV space and AutoCanada prepares to delve into its Q2 financials during a call in August. Rivian recoils The unveiling of Tesla’s first Cybertruck off the assembly line dealt yet another blow to Rivian’s share prices. The news caused […]

Tuesday Ticker: Tesla downgraded by several brokers; Uber plans new service for Toronto

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Tesla ends a winning streak, an Ontario-based miner preps to supply lithium to the industry and Uber plans a new service for Toronto.  Downgrades galore Tesla shares have fallen seven percent in the last week, following downgrades from multiple Wall Street brokerages. Goldman Sachs cut Tesla to a “hold” rating on Monday, […]

Tuesday Ticker: Tesla tops Toyota’s Q3 profits; Carvana e-commerce share price slashed

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— In this weekly financial-watch report, Tesla’s Q3 results are compared with Toyota’s and e-commerce platform Caravana sees its share price cut in half.  Tesla tops Toyota Tesla could have earned eight times as much per vehicle as Toyota in Q3, reports Asian newspaper Nikkei.  A report from Electrek claims Toyota delivered eight […]