Musk to face Tesla Investors at Annual Shareholder’s Meeting

After glowing coverage of SpaceX's launch of a Tesla Roadster in February, the terrestrial failings of his other company, Tesla, have generated negative coverage.

Toronto, Ontario — June 5, 2018 — Tesla’s annual share holders meeting, held today, will give investors the opportunity to voice their concerns about the company’s direction after a few months of missed production targets and withering press coverage.   While it seems unlikely that shareholders will take the opportunity to boot Elon Musk, the […]

Tesla to open its own autobody repair facilities this year

The Tesla Model 3. In a shareholder letter, Tesla suggested this car may be easier to repair for Tesla Certified repair facilities.

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — May 4, 2018 — Collision Repair magazine’s partner publication Repairer Driven News, recently reported that Tesla has publicized the company’s plans to open its own bodyshops this year. The announcement for plans to develop repair facilities was first made back in May of 2017 in its first-quarter earnings […]

Auto expert criticizes Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 (pictured above) was criticized for its expensive and heavy build.

By CRM Staff   Toronto, Ontario — April 26, 2018 — A Detroit-based auto manufacturing consultant recently suggested that one of the biggest issues with the Tesla Model 3 is an overly complicated design. This comes as Tesla continues to struggle to produce these models in mass or hit any forecasted productions targets to date. […]

The Blindspot: Coverage of AV paint raises more questions than answers

The VLP-16, a LIDAR product by Velodyne. While all LiDAR systems find it easier to see more reflective surfaces,a recent USA Today article may have overstated the problem.

By Harland Goulbourne Toronto, Ontario — February 5, 2018 — A report in USA Today describes a future filled with brightly-coloured autonomous vehicles as likely, because the LiDAR – the eyes of most autonomous cars – struggles to see darker colours. Most autonomous vehicles make use of the LiDAR systems in order to navigate the […]

Tesla approves Spanesi equipment for structural repairs

Tesla joins a growing list of OEM approvals on Spanesi equipment.

Naperville, Illinois — January 26, 2018 — On January 16, Tesla announced the addition of three new Spanesi structural repair benches, along with the Touch Measuring System, to their OEM approved equipment list. “Spanesi is excited to be a part of approved list of collision repair equipment recognized in the Tesla Approved Body Shop program,” […]

AV Report: Blackberry is making a comeback, Nissan’s new technology

The AV test road in Ottawa, Ontario. Some speculate AV will become Canada's hub for AV testing.

By Jeff Sanford   Toronto, Ontario — January 6, 2018 — This week in the Autonomous Report, Blackberry is making a comeback, Tesla can’t quite meet their promises and much, much more.   Blackberry’s comeback    Blackberry just announced a deal with Chinese tech giant Baidu to see that the company uses BlackBerry software for […]

Tuesday Ticker: Nippon could acquire Axalta; Tesla rapidly losing money on Model 3

Tesla Model 3

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — November 28th, 2017 — This week’s Tuesday Ticker: Axalta’s good fortune, FinishMaster’s plan, the return of semi-manufacturing to Ontario, and much, much more! The biggest market news of late, of course, has been the game of musical chairs being played among global paint manufacturers. Nippon Paint made an all-cash […]