Legally Bombed: Anti-FSD campaign receives Tesla cease and desist for misinformation

California, United States — The Dawn Project has received a cease-and-desist letter, claiming that the their ad campaign showcasing a Tesla in “Full Self-Driving” mode running over a cardboard child was misinforming and threatened the company’s business interests. The letter dated Aug. 11 claims that the Dawn Project’s testing was “seriously deceptive and likely fraudulent.” […]

New and Exorbitant: Freshly-released Tesla FSD beta accompanied by price hike

Toronto, Ontario – Tesla has launched a new Full-Self-Driving (FSD) beta patch, further refining the performance of Tesla’s controversial automated driving system and the cost of entry for Tesla owners considering entry into the FSD beta. According to 10.69 FSD beta patch release notes published by Not a Tesla App, the beta improved several elements […]