EV/AV Report: F-35 software contractor denounces Tesla FSD in unverified collision study

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s report, a study critiquing Tesla’s fully-self-driving software is linked to a military contractor with a conflict of interest, and the Canadian Automobile Association releases a new EV buyer’s guide. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Teslas and tactical fighters A software designer for American stealth aircraft […]

Tricky Taycan: Porsche to issue global recall of electric Taycan over software issue

Toronto, Ontario — Porsche AG is recalling 43,000 of its electric Taycan vehicles over a software issue that can cause the engine to abruptly turn off, reported Reuters.  The recall affects all Taycan cars made and delivered by June, 2021, the automaker said Friday.  According to Reuters, Porsche executive Klaus Rechberger said the issue has […]