New Driver, Caution: self-driving Teslas in Canada by Feb. 25, says Musk

UPDATE: As of March 14, 2022, Drive Tesla Canada reports there have been no known Full Self-Driving beta downloads in Canada. Toronto, Ontario — Elon Musk confirmed that 60 self-driving cars in Canada were being tested by Feb. 25, marking the first expansion of Tesla’s self-driving beta outside the United States. “Hoping to go wider […]

Autonomous Vehicle Report – overestimating the arrival of self-driving cars

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – April 12, 2019 — In this week’s Autonomous Report, a CEO from a major OEM casts doubt on the public’s timing expectations for autonomous vehicles as self-driving cars as self-driving vehicles roam around a major European city.     Delayed Arrival We’ve been hearing about it for years and expecting it any […]

What to expect at the 2019 CES

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — January 4, 2019 — As time progresses so do the advancements in technology, and the event that demonstrates it every year is the Consumer Electronic Show. This year’s show has quite the agenda with various OEMs displaying their latest concepts on self-driving cars, flying cars, and even walking cars?! […]

Can you believe this?! – October 18, 2018

"Oh bother," said Pooh. "I appear to have forgotten the keys. A Colorado man was surprised to discover a bear had opened his car's doors.

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario — October 19, 2018 –-This week, we have found a bunch of unbelievable news including the reveal of an actual self-driving car, a collection of fake recall notices that were sent out and much, much more!   An actual self-driving flying car There has been discussion from Toyota about creating […]

The Autonomous Report: Mercedes ‘solves’ the Trolley Problem and AVs may only work in limited areas

A Mercedes Benz exec recently revealed the company plans to prioritize occupant safety over that of pedestrians when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — October 16, 2016 — Autonomous vehicles (AVs) continued to grab headlines in the tech and business press this week. Some of the highlights include Mercedes Benz indicating they’ll prioritize driver safety over pedestrians, the potential for aftermarket solutions, more controversy surrounding Tesla’s Autopilot function and MIT Technology Review predicts […]