Day one of IBIS 2017 focuses on new technology, geopolitics and ongoing consolidation

Thomas Lake, Senior Analyst, Political Risk for BMI Research. Lake’s session at IBIS 2017 examined geopolitical factors impacting the global collision repair industry and automotive claims economy.

By CRM Staff Madrid, Spain — June 13, 2017 — Nearly 400 of the world’s leading collision repair industry influencers have gathered for the 2017 IBIS Global Summit. Collision Repair magazine is the exclusive Canadian Media Partner for IBIS. Themed “The Currency of Trust,” the two-day conference and networking event takes place at the Melia […]

Sean Carey: ADAS to drive deep and rapid change in claims management models

Sean Carey of SCG Management Consultants discussed connected cars and upcoming changes to claims management models during the most recent Guild 21 call.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — September 11, 2016 — Sean Carey, principal of SCG Management Consultants, was the guest speaker on the most recent VeriFacts Guild 21 conference call. Carey predicted that driver assist technology is about to force real change in the traditional claims management model that will benefit the collision repair sector […]