Cost Crunch: Nearly half of shops struggle with sourcing affordable parts, says IMR survey

Illinois, United States – Automotive industry research firm IMR has released survey results from independent automotive repair shops, with nearly half of all shops expecting challenges with sourcing affordable parts and a third expecting difficulties finding qualified and responsible technicians. This survey was conducted between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31 with IMR interviewing 500 independent […]

White to E4: ‘World’s whitest’ paint now thin enough to coat cars

Toronto, Ontario – Scientists from Purdue University have a gift to the world of automotive painters–a paint so white that objects coated in it appear as a solid shape, and thin enough to coat anything from Fords to spacecraft. This paint was first developed in 2021 by Purdue University scientists as a counterpart to VantaBlack, […]

EV/AV Report: Teaching cars and unplugged EVs

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s EV/AV report, scientists teach cars about social cues, Honda releases a hydrogen and electric based CR-V successor, and the Dutch Lightyear 0 solar vehicle enters production. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Social Faux Pas German scientists from the city of Karlsruhe have presented a prototype that […]

EV/AV Report: perplexing policies and ADAS laser attacks

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s report, automakers criticize the push for electric vehicle adoption, scientists discover a dangerous exploit in autonomous vehicle (AV) sensors and American lawmakers approve integrating thermal cameras into AV sensor suites. This is the latest in electric and autonomous vehicles. Too many Cooks Representatives of Canada’s auto industry warn that […]

Fly True: Project Arrow prototype debuts at APMA Annual Conference on Oct. 19

Windsor, Ontario – The Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) will showcase a prototype of the famous Project Arrow prototype at its annual conference on Oct. 19, the first look at the world’s first all-Canadian electric vehicle. On Oct. 5, Flavio Volpe, president of the APMA tweeted “we are sneak peaking our #ProjectArrow prototype build at […]

Scientific Oddity: Japanese researchers testing motorized eyes to aid AV-pedestrian safety

Tokyo, Japan — Bodywork meets arts and crafts with the University of Tokyo’s latest project: researchers from the university have developed a cutting-edge pair of motorized eyes for autonomous vehicles, intended to help alert pedestrians to whether they’ve been seen by the vehicle. Unlike today’s vehicles, future AVs may not have human drivers, and will […]

Shades of Grey: Is the world losing its colour? Viral internet post says yes

London, United Kingdom — A viral post on social sharing site Tumblr puts it in black and white: the world is losing its colour. Using the United Kingdom-based Science Museum Group’s dataset of 7,083 objects from 21 categories spanning over 200 years of history as a source, Tumblr user Macleod Sawyer argues that cars, restaurant […]

Lite-Brite Repair: Magna unveils ‘Breakthrough Lighting’ prototype, customizable lighting for thermoplastic surfaces

Aurora, Ontario – Do you remember any childhood skills you used to fix your Lite-Brite? Those skills might come in handy someday soon. Magna International unveiled its Breakthrough Lighting prototype on Tuesday, demonstrating the technology’s ability to “allow consumers to interact with their vehicles” through “communicative” lighting features. Magna is initially showing the Breakthrough Lighting […]