Disruption in the Automotive Ecosystem: What to expect, and how to survive and win

Disruption in the Automotive Ecosystem

By Vincent Romans and Stephen Applebaum Toronto, Ontario — August 3, 2015 — The automotive ecosystem includes auto manufacturing, auto buyers and drivers, collision repairers, aftermarket suppliers including parts providers, auto insurance companies and their policyholders, and the deep and extensive claims and services supply chain that supports them, such as the technology and information […]

Live@NACE: MSO Symposium

MSO NACE Symposium

Detroit, Michigan — July 26, 2015 — The MSO Symposium was possibly the most highly anticipated event at NACE 2015. Focused on delivering content to executives, multi-store owners and those looking to join their ranks, the MSO Symposium delivered five different panel discussions, each focusing on a different key issue. Prior to the panel discussions, […]