At Your Fingertips: Mitchell and Toyota collaborate to bring real-time access to recalls

San Diego, California – Mitchell has announced a collaboration with Toyota on Thursday, to bring real-time access to vehicle recall data. Mitchell Cloud Estimating will now surface VIN-specific recall notices on Toyota vehicles, which will give collision repairers timely access to safety recall information as an estimate is written, helping to improve safety recall completions […]

Urban Slalom: CAA report shows that poor roads cost Canadian drivers $3B annually

Ottawa, Ontario — Canadians from all over are paying double for the potholes in their communities—once through their taxes to get them fixed—and again after no one follows through and they go unfilled. In fact, a new study from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) shows that Canadians are paying about $3 billion a year in […]

KIA: Pre and post repair scans ‘imperative’

Kia releases an official statement that pre and post repair scanning is an ‘essential task.'

Toronto, Ontario — June 14, 2018 — Pre and post repair scanning is an ‘essential task,’ that Kia feels warrants an official position statement release. The latest OEM to take a stance on the issue, Kia’s position is very much in line with the one taken by fellow Korean manufacturer Hyundai, which owns a third […]

Tech Talk: Windshield replacements in the modern age


By Mike Davey Toronto, Ontario — October 19, 2017 — We all know that repair costs have risen. We also know why. The simple fact of the matter is that modern cars are much more complicated than in years past. The manufacturers have introduced new materials, and ultra-high strength steels are now commonplace. Also, electronics […]

Manitoba shops may see more vandalism repairs

A rash of vandalized vehicles in the River Heights section of Winnipeg prompted MPI to eliminate the deductible for some customers on vandalism claims.

Winnipeg, Manitoba — September 29, 2015 — A bit more work may be heading into Manitoba’s collision repair facilities. Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has announced that customers who insure their vehicles with an Autopac Extension deductible package will now qualify to have their deductible reduced to $0 for vandalism claims. This change in coverage by […]