Wait! We Can Explain: High cost of repairs draws attention from the New York Times

Toronto, Ontario — Like the troubled sibling who feels they receive all criticism and no praise, the collision repair industry rarely enters news headlines for its positive characteristics, and again finds itself in the crosshairs of a prolific news outlet for the high cost of repairs. The New York Times published a story on Monday […]

Gone too Soon: High repair cost driving many Teslas to salvage prematurely, Reuters says

Toronto, Ontario — Tesla has been talking big about its in-house insurance platform recently, and how it is providing insights on potential design improvements, but some recent reporting from Reuters has found that far too many of the electric automaker’s vehicles are turning up as salvage prematurely. In a compilation of 120 Model Y vehicles […]

Crystal Ball: No break in insurance, repair cost inflation coming in 2023, Ratehub.ca predicts

Toronto, Ontario — The insurance experts at Ratehub.ca published their predictions for 2023 in late December, with results showing little reprieve on the way for an already strained insurer-repairer ecosystem, as inflated repair costs have trickled downward to increased premiums for customers. Statistics Canada’s October Consumer Price Index report for passenger vehicle insurance premiums shows […]

Fancy Fees: Federal luxury tax on $100,000+ cars, coming this fall

Ottawa, Ontario – Details on an incoming luxury tax by the Government of Canada were released July 15. The new rules will affect manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and importers. As of Sept. 1, the Select Luxury Items Tax Act proposed in Budget 2021 will come into effect, targeting certain vehicles and aircraft above $100,000 and some […]

The Price of Pedaling: ICBC will no longer charge injured cyclists for repairs

Vancouver, British Columbia — Following a wave of public condemnation after a Vancouver-area cyclist was struck by a vehicle running a red light and asked to pay for its repairs, ICBC has announced major changes to the way claims for passive road users are managed. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia will no longer require […]